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Together, we can make more music.

The Fanny Mendelssohn Förderverein funds innovative musical concepts of young artists. In the long term, however, this is only possible with the support of friends and patrons.


 Help support the mentors with their


What is particularly special about the Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis is its many renowned mentors. They nominate young artists who have attracted their attention and who they envision to have a great career. Through their contributions, our patrons play an active role in launching the careers of these young artists.


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Förderer werden
Patrons get more.

For most of her life, Fanny Mendelssohn was denied every possible support. The Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis, however, lives from the support on the one hand, and from new and wondrous interpretations of young artists on the other. As a patron of the Fanny Mendelssohn Förderverein, you can help pave the way for young artists. Your contribution allows you to actively accompany them along their career. In this way, you and a companion will have the opportunity to share very special musical highlights.

You can look forward to receiving the CD of this year's winner, which will be sent to you after the award winner's concert. You will also receive an invitation to the prizewinners' concert during the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Even a small amount makes a big difference! Here is how you can play an active role in supporting young artists along their career paths.

Become a patron  

You decide how much your personal contribution should be. For as little as €50 a year, you can become a patron. But as every euro counts, you are more than welcome to pay more.

Your support for the Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis:
starting at €50 / individual patronage

starting at €75 / dual patronage

starting at €250 / corporate patronage

Naturally, for your donation you will receive a receipt from us.

 Sponsoring, collaborations and projects 

Upon request, we will inform you about various areas of collaboration and projects, e.g., concert events.

 All you need to do is: 

Just send us an email to or fill out the contact form below. We're looking forward to welcoming you as a patron of the Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis.

Please contact us via the below form, if you would like to become a patron or we should get in touch with you to talk about further options of cooperations.

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We are pleased to receive your payment at:

Fanny Mendelssohn Förderverein
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Thank you very much for your support and engagement in our association!

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