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"Playing what is beautiful" - Philipp Schupelius releases debut album "Pau! A tribute to Casals"

With his concept "Pau! A tribute to Casals", Philipp Schupelius convinced the jury of the Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis and was chosen as the 2023 winner of the renowned concept prize. Now the 20-year-old Berlin talent is releasing his debut album, which was developed from the winning concept and financed by the Fanny Mendelssohn Förderpreis. In the 50th year of Pablo Casal's death, Philipp Schupelius musically illuminates the work and world of thought of the cellist of the century. "What can music oppose to war?" - Casals pursued this question throughout his life. "Pau! A tribute to Casals" will be released on CD on 15 September by the Hamburg label ES-DUR and on all relevant streaming services.

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